Typically, small businesses deal with legal problems as they arise, rather than working to avoid them in the first place. And when a legal matters arises, the business is forced to seek out attorneys who are unaware of the unique nuances and circumstances of the business, which results in a less-than-satisfactory, cookie-cutter solution – usually, at a high price. Or worse, the business attempts to deal with the legal issue without legal representation for fear of the cost.  Neither of these scenarios is what you want for the business you’ve worked so hard to grow.

In an ideal world, a small business should have a dedicated attorney (general counsel).  Why?

Familiarity with your business’s needs.

Every business has a unique purpose, a cast of characters, and complex issues. A general counsel is a trusted advocate who learns these complexities and is able to leverage your business’s strengths in order to achieve success.  With a general counsel, you do not have to worry about what to do if an unexpected legal issue comes up. Instead, reliable legal advice is just a phone call away. Your general counsel will work to problem solve in order to find the best course of action for your business.

Keep your focus on growing and running your business.

With a general counsel on your team, you are relieved of the burdens of dealing with legal matters, allowing you to focus on what really matters for your business. Running a business is more than a full-time job, and owners shouldn’t have to worry about finding a new lawyer every time a new legal issue arises.

Actively protect your brand.

Even a small business needs to always defend its brand and creations with trademarks, copyrights, and/or patents. A general counsel will develop a plan to protect your business’s intellectual property, and oversee the implementation of this plan to make sure it is properly carried out.

Reduce the risk of litigation.

Getting served with a lawsuit is something no business owner wants. And, for a small business, serious litigation can be devastating. While there is no iron clad way to prevent litigation, your general counsel will proactively work to reduce the risks associated with running a business. Whether it is satisfying all of the necessary requirements for corporate formalities, negotiating contracts to reduce future risk, or figuring out if your business is in violation of any statutory laws, your general counsel will be able to pinpoint any weaknesses and work to close the gaps before it’s too late.


But let’s get serious, hiring an in-house attorney is not an affordable option for a small company. Yet, the need to ensure you and your business are well protected is a reality and a necessity. This is why Ser & Associates developed the My General Counsel/MyGC® program.  MyGC provides you and your business a tailor-fit, affordable monthly plan to fulfill your business’s legal needs and, most importantly, your budget.  MyGC offers you the security and peace of mind of having an experienced attorney you can call on without having to worry about a ticking clock whenever you need advice. So, if you are a business owner who thinks your business is too small to hire their own general counsel or that you can wait until sometime in the future, with MyGC you don’t have to wait any longer.

The future is now, and cost-effective risk mitigation is within your reach thanks to My General Counsel/MyCG® and Ser & Associates!  To learn more about the My General Counsel/MyCG® program, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at 305-222-7282!

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