Below you will find links to information and educational content* that we have developed to assist small business owners RUN, GROW, and PROTECT their businesses. If you have any questions or if we may be of assistance, please feel free to reach out to us at 305-222-7282 or

Entrepreneur Workshop Series (2020-2021)

An educational video series for entrepreneurs and business owners.  In each video, Ser & Associates presents a different legal topic providing key information that every entrepreneur and business owner should be familiar with and understand.

WKSHP #1 – Legal Issues All Start-Ups (and young companies) Need to know (8/2020)
WKSHP #2 – The ABC’s of Corporate Structuring (9/2020)
WKSHP #3 – How to Grow Your Business through Gov’t Contracting/Minority Certification (10/2020)
WKSHP #4 – Mergers & Acquisitions (11/2020)
WKSHP #5 – Commercial Leasing & Zoning (12/ 2020)
WKSHP #6 – Contracts 101 (Coming Jan. 2021)
WKSHP #7 – Trademarks (Coming Feb. 2021)
WKSHP #8 – Employment Matters (Coming Mar. 2021)
WKSHP #9 – Commercial Real Estate (Coming Apr. 2021)
WKSHP #10 – How to Grow Your Business through Franchising (Coming May. 2021)
WKSHP #11 – Websites-Privacy & Use Policy/Terms of Conditions (Coming Jun. 2021)
WKSHP #12 – You Can’t Take It with You – Protect Your Assets Through Proper Succession & Estate Planning (Coming Jul. 2021)

Small Business Stories

Small businesses are what keeps our economy strong. They are the backbone of our community. They provide jobs to our citizens. And, they share their ingenuity, determination and creativity with all of us. The S&A Small Business Stories series is our way of paying homage to our clients and community partners. Enjoy!

December 2020 – The Galler Group
November 2020 – The Doral Contemporary Art Museum
October 2020 – In South Florida Inc.
September 2020 – Dopazo & Associates Insurance
August 2020 – World Class Parking
July 2020 – TB Media Group
June 2020 – Well Groomed Gentleman
May 2020 – OIT, LLC
April 2020 – Granny Nannies

March 2020 – Ulltium Consulting, Inc.
Feb 2020 – Tapout Fitness Coral Gables

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