Buying a Home? Caveat Emptor!

So, you’ve found your dream house, in your favorite neighborhood, nearest to your favorite pizza joint.  And, most importantly, it’s in your budget. Long story short – you’ve fallen in love with the house and all you can picture is you in that house, floating in the beautiful pool in the backyard.  But, wait. There’s lots to do first! At Ser & Associates, we regularly work with residential buyers at every stage of their real


Negotiating a Commercial Lease? Follow These 5 Tips for Better Success!

Leasing a piece of property can be a stressful process particularly if you are trying to find the right space for your business. A lot of people think that there isn’t any room for negotiating rent, particularly when the landlord is the one calling all the shots. Well, think again! As a tenant, you have a right to negotiate to try and get better terms that will benefit you and your company. Here are some