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Dispute Resolution: Winning the Battle Before it Begins

If you find yourself and your business facing a legal dispute of any kind, you will want to have it resolved as quickly and as positive as possible.  There are different ways a dispute can be resolved. The first one that comes to mind is litigation (bringing a lawsuit in the courts). 

Non-Compete Agreements: A Powerful Tool, If Used Properly

The value of your business comes from a variety of sources: inventory, trademarks, equipment, trade secrets, customer lists, and goodwill.  Protecting these assets is critical to the long-term success of your business. One of the best ways of ensuring this protection is via a non-compete agreement.

Legal Audit

Minimizing risk and maximizing value are key goals for every business owner.  However, many business owners do not know where begin in to understanding their business’s risk and value.  The answer, conduct a Legal Audit.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do …

A break-up of business partners is a difficult event, regardless of whether it is amicable or because the partners can no longer work together.

Florida’s New Minimum Wage

Effective September 30, 2021, the minimum wage in Florida will increase from $8.65 an hour to $10 an hour. It will then continue to increase each year by $1 for the next 4 years until it reaches $15 an hour on September 30, 2026.


If you have a business, you almost certainly have a website.   While a website is a critical part of your business, it can also be a source of liability.  However, that liability can be mitigated by well-crafted Terms & Conditions and a Privacy Policy.

The Very First Steps to Franchising

Franchising is an efficient and cost-effective way to build your business.  At its core, franchising is selling the use of your brand to someone else, immediately expanding your business.