My General Counsel® – The Business Owner’s Way of Lawyering Up!

Typically, small to mid-size businesses deal with legal challenges as they arise, rather than working to avoid them in the first place.  In other words, they move forward with contracts without any legal representation whatsoever.  Enter into partnerships without the proper documentation to prevent disagreements in the future.   Sign long-term leases without proper protections for the business.  Or,  contracts that don’t allow the business owner to collect attorneys’ fees when the other side doesn’t pay.  These are just some of the common scenarios that business owners find themselves in.   Why? Because they may have thought that hiring an attorney up front wasn’t necessary, it would be too expensive or they just plain didn’t know a good attorney to turn to.  Yet, not having the proper corporate structure, well-written contracts, properly negotiated leases, etc, can end up costing up to ten times what an attorney would have cost up front.  Or even worse, can cause the collapse of the company or access to the owners personal assets.  For this reason, Ser & Associates created a special program for business owners called My General Counsel®.

My General Counsel is all about building an on-going relationship with the business owner and his/her team so that we may better understand everything that makes the business unique, which allows us to effectively address day-to-day legal needs as well as more severe concerns like impending litigation. All of this, however, without the exorbitant overhead of an in-house, full-time counsel on the payroll.

My General Counsel provides a practical and business approach to legal representation. Our team is comprised of attorneys with extensive Big Law, government, in-house counsel and business experience, as well as entrepreneurial backgrounds. With this extensive experience, we guide our business clients on the path to growth and further success, while offering them and their businesses the protections they need.  And, rather than paying a full-time attorney’s salary and benefits or paying for legal representation by the hour, My General Counsel provides tailor-fit, affordable monthly plans to fit all size companies and, most importantly, their budgets.  My General Counsel offers the security and peace of mind of having an attorney you can count on without having to worry about a ticking clock whenever you need advice.

So, to all those business owners who think they are too small to hire their own general counsel or have decided to hold off until sometime in the future when they can, with My General Counsel, you don’t have to wait any longer. And the next time you are in the middle of a negotiation with a prospective buyer, client, landlord, etc, don’t hesitate to stop and say, I’d like to run this by MY GENERAL COUNSEL!

To learn more about how My General Counsel can become your general counsel, please contact us today at 305-222-7282.