5 Benefits of Working with a Team of Business Attorneys

You know your business better than anyone. You’re probably very familiar with the day-to-day operations of your business, but what about the really big decisions? Is there someone you can trust to advise you on the different types of business entities, intellectual property, and real estate law? Can that same person draft contracts and support you in matters of litigation? When you look at the five main benefits of working with a team of business attorneys, you’ll wonder how you ever did it alone.

1) They always read the fine print.

A legally binding contract can save your business from potential disaster. With that in mind, your contract should be prepared by someone who knows how to protect your interests. Business attorneys can negotiate the terms and conditions of your contracts, and then implement them effectively, reducing risk on your end. Our law firm can correctly prepare vendor/supplier agreements, service contracts, and more. We also offer assistance with government contracting (RFPs, RFQs, ITBs), concession leases at government locations and construction contracts.

2) They can help with the toughest business decisions.

What are some of the hardest choices you can make when it comes to business? Your career and your life can change drastically when you make the decision to buy, sell, or start a new business. You need the right support network to help you through it. Business attorneys can negotiate acquisitions or sales on your behalf, prepare the purchase or sale agreement, assist you with your due diligence, and close the deal. When you need to create a new business entity, we can help you choose the right type and prepare all the necessary documents. We do all this with a focus on foresight and planning, so you can always look forward to the future.

3) They can protect your brand.

It goes without saying that your company’s brand, and all of its creations, should stay within the company. Even so, you will likely need protection from those who will try to steal your intellectual property. Skilled business attorneys can help you create trademarks, copyrights, patents, and software and licensing agreements—and defend what rightfully belongs to your company.

4) They can defend your company’s best interests.

The best business lawyers should have extensive experience in mediation and litigation. Legal disputes should not be taken lightly; they must be handled with care, whether you are filing a lawsuit or defending against a claim. Our seasoned business lawyers will treat your legal conflicts with the gravity they deserve. We can fight for what matters most to your business in mediation or in a court of law. We also offer tax services to assist you with IRS audits and appeals, tax collection or defense, and tax litigation.

5) They know the devil is in the details.

While business attorneys can offer a broad range of legal services, they must also know how to narrow in on the details. A technicality or the finer points of a law, a negotiation, or a contract, can make the difference between an advantageous business move and a foolish one. Detail-minded business lawyers will always pay attention to specifics and leverage them in order to help your business grow and prosper. We will provide a meticulous approach whether you need to purchase real estate, prepare a zoning application, plan your estate, comply with employment laws, or hire an international worker.

As a business owner, you work diligently every day to make sure your company can thrive. At Ser & Associates, we want to make sure you can reap the rewards for your hard work. Call our minority certified law office and let our business attorneys act as your team of trusted advisers, guiding you towards the best course of action to avoid legal trouble—and embrace career success.